GroundED 2020 Application
GRuB and GRAVITY are partnering to offer a program rooted in delivering GRuB's mission of growing healthy food, people, and communities, with all activities and training based on these areas. While at GRuB, time is built in for a GRAVITY teacher to support youth in studying to pass their four GED subject tests. If youth earn their GED certificate, there are additional ways to stay engaged in the program.


~ Earn up to $1,000 for the season, depending on attendance and participation (Educational Stipend Award)

~ Study weekly at GRuB with a GRAVITY teacher to pass GED tests

~ Take home good fresh food from the farm every week (when available)

~ Have an opportunity to cook food for themselves and the crew

Growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits, and flowers organically on a 2-acre farm, learning practical gardening/farming skills, and supporting the farm's market programs. Working with and hosting community volunteers at the GRuB Farm. Developing strong leadership and facilitation skills, practicing compassionate & safe communication tools, learning how to be successful in a team, and improving personal resilience. Working regularly with a GRAVITY teacher to study for passing GED tests. Leading field trip guests, age pre-K to high school, on the farm in tours, educational activities, and farm work.

TURN IN YOUR APPLICATION ASAP: We will accept applications continuously throughout 2020. If you turn in an application after we've filled the roster for a season, we'll consider your application for the next season. Priority is given to applicants in the order in which we receive applications.
Spring 2019 GroundED crew planting lettuce
To qualify for the GroundED program in 2020:
*Must be able to commit to the ENTIRE Program (spring is 3/25 to 6/17, summer is 6/30 to 8/21, fall is 9/2 to 11/20), and each season is 144 hours
*Must be enrolled in GRAVITY before the first day of the program
*Must be able to reliably attend and show up on time and ready to participate
*Must submit this application
Where & When:
GroundED takes place at the GRuB Farm - 2016 Elliott Ave NW Olympia, WA 98502 (on the route 41 bus-line + Intercity Transit is now 100% free to ride!)

The 3-day a week schedule each season varies: spring and fall's schedule is Wednesday to Friday 12:30-4:30, summer is TBD
 Be here and arrive on-time!
 Come prepared to participate and contribute in all activities (farming, training, & GED study)
 Willing to learn and uphold professional behavior
 Complete program evaluation forms
 Attend for the entire season
Contact us:
If you have any additional questions, please contact GRuB's Youth Program Coordinator, Gabriel, at 360-753-5522 or
Spring 2019 GroundED crew member Trinity planting flowers
Your Information:
Please fill this out to the best of your ability. If you're unsure of what to put, seek out a teacher, school staff, friend, parent or guardian, or call us to give you a hand. Also, in order to fulfill program goals, and to ensure we're serving youth most in need of this opportunity, we'll be asking questions about you that can only help to qualify you, and we won't use any of these questions to disqualify you.
Your full legal (first & last) name: *
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Name you prefer to go by (if different):
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Date of birth: *
Please check all that apply from the list below: *
Last school you attended: *
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Are you currently enrolled in GRAVITY? *
What's the best way to get in contact with you? *
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How did you find out about this program? *
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What questions or concerns about participating in this program do you have? *
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Three Fall 2019 GroundED crew members with their GED certificates
Tell us about yourself:
We're looking for honest answers here, to see who is a good fit for this program. Take your time with the answers, and no matter how long or short they are, we're just looking to get to know you.
What are you most looking forward to experiencing by being in this program? *
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What are your goals for the near future, and how do you hope this program will help you achieve them? (personal, employment, education...) *
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What are some challenges you face in life right now? How could this program help you overcome those? *
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What do you like about working with others in a group or team setting? *
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What is most challenging for you when working with others in a group or team setting? *
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Can you commit to full participation in the 144 hour, 3 day a week seasonal program? *
Are there any accommodations you need in order to participate?
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Is there anything else you would like GRuB staff to know about you? *
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You're done!
If you have any additional questions, or would like to set up a visit to GRuB, or would like to update your information, please contact GRuB Youth Program Coordinator, Gabriel Marks, at 360-753-5522 or Thank you for applying!
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