Luxury v.s. Counterfeits

Dear respondents,

We are a group of students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). We are carrying out a research study on "How counterfeits have changed your perception (if any) of luxury brand image".

Thank you so much for taking the time off to help us complete this short survey. This survey will last approximately 5 minutes.

You can be rest assured that this survey is confidential and anonymous. All information provided will be coded respectively.

Your honest and straightforward answers will be of much help to us.

Feel free to contact us at should you have any further enquiries about the survey.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Bay Mingde
Elissa Choo Li Shan
Ng Chin Keong
Nguyen Ngoc Phuong
Nguyen Khanh Linh

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