Peak Startup Pitch Night
The biggest benefit to participating in Pitch Night is the pitch coaching you will receive throughout the process.

We require the following criteria and participation for all pitch presenters.

1. Pitch must be for a rapid, high growth startup company.
2. Attend a Pitch Night.
3. Attend Pitch Orientation.*
4. Create your pitch and presentation materials.
5. Attend a mandatory Pitch Practice session.*
6. Incorporate feedback from the Pitch Practice session and make adjustments to your pitch deck and presentation.
7. Submit your updated pitch deck and a video of you presenting the pitch for additional feedback.*
8. Incorporate feedback from the Pitch Practice session and make adjustments to your pitch deck and presentation.
9. Submit your final presentation deck.* (PowerPoint or Google Slides only)
10. Pitch at Pitch Night*
11. Complete feedback surveys.

*All dates are pre-set for the year. A schedule will be provided once your completed application is received, reviewed, and approved.

Please consider these requirements prior to submitting your request to pitch. Also, note that we typically schedule pitches 3-4 months in advance due to this schedule and demand.

Pitch Night is an educational opportunity for startup and potential startup entrepreneurs to gain practice, refine pitch points, and receive feedback and insights from the audience. Small businesses, network marketers, and other established service provider businesses need not apply.

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