Request form for Ukrainian researchers interested to get remote research position
Please fill out this form if you are a researcher located in Ukraine and is interested in the remote research opportunity.

We are working on creating such opportunities for you. Filling out this form will facilitate this effort.

Please sign this petition - it also will facilitate the progress.

Your personal information including name and email won't be transferred to third parties without your consent.

We are working on mechanisms to make it happen but it is in progress as legal background for this kind of employment abroad is not developed for academic institutions. We will contact you in case we have questions or updates.

If you are a researcher who is relocating or already relocated to another country and looking for on-site positions, please check this website:

This form is a part of the initiative UAScience.reload

If you have any questions or ideas please contact Nika Romero: nika [dot] biph [at] gmail [dot] com
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Please describe your skills (e.g. bioinformatics, RNA-seq, molecular modeling, specific software etc.) As it is a remote position we are looking for please keep it to the skills that can be applied remotely without access to the lab. Try to be specific. *
Here you can copy your experience from CV (don't put any personal information - we are not going to publish it online but safer without it).
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Other comments (did you have on-site invitation but cannot use it; do you know any working examples of remote research employment; etc)
Would you agree to if an anonymous entry of your profile (without name or email) would be a part of an anonymous list of researchers looking for remote positions as a tab on the website of The goal is to maximize your chances of finding a remote job opportunity, we would like to integrate our database with the #ScienceForUkraine platform ( is one of the largest databases and search engine with temporary support opportunities for Ukrainian scientists in Europe, therefore will enable reaching more groups within your interest area. This way researchers who would wish to consider hosting you remotely, could contact you easier based on your research interests and skills. In the future it can become a part of the bigger European database. *
Thank you! Please share this form with anybody who could be interested.
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