Bookending Summer 2019 Feedback
Firstly, we'd just like to thank you all for participating in this event! The events don't work without you all joining in, so whether you did the blog posts, tidyathon, or both! THANK YOU!

We do have a small request to ask of you though, as we're still learning and growing these events. Your FEEDBACK is VITAL for us, to be able to adapt and change to what you all would like from us. If you could take a few minutes to fill out this form, you'd be helping the events future a lot! So the next event can be better than the last!

love Sam and Clo

What Did You End Up Participating In? *
On the sign up form, you'll have put down what you planned to do. As we all know, life happens which can mean you may have to change things. So whether you did what you planned or not, let us know!
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What Would You Like To See Done Differently? *
Think about the main event: was 3-5 posts low enough to not cause you stress? Were the prompts helpful or would you like more variety in some way? (more tags/discussions etc) Tidyathon think about interaction? How useful was it for getting your things done? Do you think there needs to be more interaction?
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Social Media *
How did you like the running of our social media pages (Twitter, Discord channels)? Any suggestions or things you'd like to see implemented or changed?
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Your Favourite Part Of The Event *
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What Can We (Sam & Clo) Do To Help You Out More? *
Think about blog hopping, helping with sharing your posts, interacting on social media etc. What would you like from US in order to make these events the best they can be?
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Anything Else?
If you have any other comments, suggestions leave them below for us! We'd love to hear them so we can make sure Bookending Autumn/Fall (October 1st - 31st 2019) can be amazing! (if you HOSTED, you can put in here anything you would like done differently/improved upon for those who host in the future.)
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