Creativity Audit - ChristCentral
We are carrying out this creativity audit to help us as map out the creativity that already exists within ChristCentral. We hope that this will help us to support each other more effectively as we facilitate creative growth among our family of churches.

To that end we're asking for your email address so we can keep in contact. We will keep your email address for as long as you are happy for us to and we will not pass it on to anyone else without your permission.

If, at any point, you no longer wish to be involved in, or contacted by Kaleidoscope then please email the team:

Providing us with your email address is confirmation that you give us your consent to be contacted by the Kaleidoscope admin team about future Kaleidoscope plans until such time as you request to be removed from our email list.

There are sections in this audit for church leaders & creatives to answer. The initial questions will help us keep in touch with you. The remaining questions relate to churches or individuals and we hope they will allow you to answer questions about your own creative endeavours. Please answer as many questions as you are able to. If you have more than one creative skill then answer each one in turn (the audit allows you to answer for all the creative sections should you wish to).

If you need to you can save the answers you've given and return to the audit at a later date. Make sure you've answered any required questions and then click next until you reach the end of the audit. Click "send me a copy of my responses" on the last page. You'll receive an email with your current responses which includes an "edit my response" link at the top of it!

Kaleidoscope: a collective of creative people within (although not exclusive to) ChristCentral, part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

The personal data you provide us with will be used to help us to meet our purpose statement which you can read about here:

We will never pass on your personal information to any third party without your explicit consent and you can request a copy of the details we hold on you or remove your information from our database by contacting: or calling 03000 110 121

To find out more about how Kaleidoscope (and ChristCentral) process your personal information please read our privacy Notice:
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