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I understand and agree that Passion For Pets Rescue (PPR) has made every effort to provide an accurate history and assessment of the dog(s). PPR is not able to guarantee any dog's age, breed, medical status or history, behavior or disposition. I hereby release PPR and its volunteers, directors, members and representation of any and all possible claims arising from injury or damage caused by any dog(s) fostered by me to any person or property or relating to the health or temperament of the dog(s), including any expenses related hereto. I can not transfer custody of the foster dog(s) in my care to anyone other than Passion For Pets Rescue. I will return the dog(s) to PPR if the foster situation does not work out. *
I understand that the foster dog/puppy needs to be crated or safely contained when there is no one home. I will provide fresh food, water and appropriate daily exercise and socialization for the dog. I agree to always keep the dog within a securely fenced area, or supervised on a leash I understand a foster dog, no matter the age, may require basic house training and manners. I understand all interactions between child(ren) and the foster dog must be supervised. I agree never to leave child(ren) alone or unsupervised with the foster dog. *
I understand and agree that rescue dogs come into contact with many animals and environments on their path to adoption. They may be exposed to any number of common illnesses or parasites due to overcrowding, stress, environment changes and transport. PPR has begun properly caring for these dogs/puppies, but at times illness can and may lay dormant with NO visible or detectable signs for up to 2 weeks after arrival. *
I understand and agree that a fecal test on my foster dog can show negative results, however worms/parasites may appear after the dog has arrived in the foster home. Fecal tests can detect parasites but the dog/puppy must have parasites passing/shedding of eggs or segments to test fully positive. *
I will contact PPR immediately if any medical issues arise with the foster dog. I will contact PPR for vetting approval PRIOR to seeking veterinary care. I understand that I am responsible for all vetting costs which have NOT been previously appoved by PPR. I understand the Foster(s) will be responsible for all vetting costs which have not been appoved by PPR prior to the appointment or if the foster is found to be negligent in the care of the foster dog. *
By entering my name in the signature box below, I attest that the information provided herein is accurate. I am granting permission for vet checks on current and past pets, as well as personal reference checks. I understand that scheduling of a home visit is part of the foster application process. I understand that if falsified information is discovered, my application will be denied and any dogs fostered in your home will be removed. *
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