2016 Science Fest Volunteer Information
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Please select at least one of the two slots on Oct 22. The afternoon of Oct 21 is for transporting supplies to Swain West.
Station Preferences
Please select the stations you are most interested in volunteering at. Please limit your choice to two stations at most. Please leave it blank if you want be assigned to the groups lacking volunteers.
If you want to be the station leader of any stations listed above (this involves getting all of the materials together and transporting them to Swain East on 10/21/16 with other volunteers) or have ideas about hosting a new station, please leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas!
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A free T-Shirt will be offered on the day of the event.
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We will report the volunteer hours to the Society of Sigma Gamma Epsilon based on the time slots you signed on.
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