HNMS Power Hour 2017-18
Power Hour will be available each weekday as a morning session from 7:00-8:00 AM as well as an afternoon session from 3:05-5:00 PM. Student must be picked up no later than 5:15pm. With the extension of the hours in the Power hour program, parents may choose to pick up their child at any time before 5:15 PM.

Direction and support during Power Hour will be provided by our tutors (Ms. Anderberg, Mrs. Noffsinger, Ms. Rieff, and Ms. Yellow Wolf) and librarian (Mrs. Tecklenburg). We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great educational support opportunity. For consistency and the safety of your student, we also parents/guardians to please contact the school if your student will not be attending on any pre-scheduled dates. We look forward to working with your student in Power Hour.

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Power Hour Behavior Expectations - Respect Yourself and Others
Harrisburg North Middle School Power Hour program promises that every student will have a quiet environment that is safe, supportive, and fosters learning.

1. Allow others to learn by letting them focus and work or get help from staff.
a. Provide a quiet environment.
b. Do not distract other learners by being loud or disruptive with words or behaviors.
c. Allow staff to help learners who need support rather than absorbing their time and attention for negative behaviors.

2. Share only positive comments.
a. Negative talk makes others uneasy and feel unsafe.
b. Negative language hurts others, and it affects their learning potential.

3. Be a positive force in this world.
a. Clean up the workspace.
b. Encourage others.
c. Use this time productively.
d. Respect the staff who are present and dedicated to helping learners.

4. Value others property as you value your own property.
a. Do not break school or other’s property.
b. Do not deface or disrespect other’s property.
c. Ask if you would like to use something that is not yours.

5. Keep your good reputation by working hard, asking for help when you need it, and doing your own work.

If a student is not following the guidelines above (being disruptive or unproductive by talking, drawing attention to themselves, distracting others, or avoiding working on academics, being disrespectful, etc.) the following will occur.
1. The student will be given one verbal warning.

2. The student will be moved to an isolated area and parents will be notified that the behavior has escalated.

3. The student will be removed from PowerHour and parents will be notified to come pick up their child immediately.

4. The student will not be allowed to come back to PowerHour until they apologize to the staff and the other learners.

5. A student may receive a behavioral referral for any unacceptable behaviors that occur in Power Hour.

I have read and accept the above expectations for Power Hour.
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