WWWC7: Entertainment Application Form
WWWC7 will be running from Friday, March 2nd - Sunday March, 4th, 20178. (With an informal Thursday night event at the Doubletree hotel)
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- Please use this form for each type of entertainment [music, performance, etc.] you are willing provide at WWWC7.
- Only submissions for yourself or a group for which you are the official representative will be considered.
- Individuals are allowed to submit more than one form (for more than one type of entertainment).
- If your submission is selected, the information from this form will be used for the website and program guide.
- Suggestions, ideas and/or requests for entertainment (that you would NOT be giving) can be emailed to dgiven@wildwestcon.com.
Entertainment Information:
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(Please provide the band, group, individual or stage name that will be performing.)
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If you are not a solo performer, what are the names of all the people in your group?
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Please Note:
- We reserve the right to change any aspects of the titles, descriptions and/or other information provided as needed.
- Selection of entertainment/entertainers is at the sole discretion of WWWC7.
- Completing this form is not a guarantee of selection.
- Please allow two weeks for processing.
- If the processing time has passed and you have not received a communication from WWWC7, you may to inquire about your application at the email address in the instructions.
Additional questions regarding WWWC7 entertainment, entertainers and/or performance policies may be submitted here or emailed to the address in the instructions.
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