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Use of uncertain information by decision makers at the various levels within the decision making process and its communication - 13-15 May, 2019 - VUJE, Okruzna 5, Trnava, Slovak Republic

Guidance and recommendations for decision making in the post release and transition phase taking into account uncertain information will be presented and tested. Attendees will debate how to interpret, use and communicate uncertainties within the decision making process.

The course will also consider the: establishment and optimisation of remediation strategies; benefits of stakeholder involvement; inclusion of human behaviour, cultural differences and stakeholder preferences as a part of the tools to aid decision making.

Training the trainers and facilitators of national, regional and local workshops based on learning from doing and own engagement and experience during the training course is one of the goals of the training.

For further information please contact the hosted Coordinator (Tatiana Duranova – or the NERIS Secretariat (Eymeric Lafranque – You can also download the first announcement at the NERIS web page .

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