Kublacon Character Declarations Form 2020
This form is to be completed and submitted no later than May 2, 2020. Blank forms will be available at the event if you miss the early deadline. The forms submitted via this form will be printed by the event STs and included with your character sheet at Kublacon.

This form is for those attending the evening Vampire games, not the Garou game.

These sheets are to be filled out for a single PC or NPC, and can be edited at the event. These will be kept by the STs during the event and will require a ST signature or initial to edit at the Kublacon event.

If you plan to play multiple characters during the event, please submit a form for each PC separately.

Please only include declarations that can be confirmed via your character sheet or through email submissions to our ST board.

Questions can be sent to owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com
Email address *
Basic Information
Character Name *
Player Name *
Home Chronicle and ST contact *
These are the rituals you are casting for the event. Please submit a list of rituals for each night. You may have up to the level of your Occult Ability in rituals cast on yourself without having to throw with an Event ST. Any rituals that effect others will not be signed off on prior to the event, as they will require you to throw a challenge with an event ST. Please leave this section blank if your character has no rituals cast on themselves.

You may update your rituals list during the event by finding an event ST to log it with and sign off.
Friday Night Rituals
Saturday Night Rituals
Sunday Night Rituals
General Character Declarations
Please use this section to detail where your character plans to haven, anyone they plan to haven with, and any specific protections/security they may have enabled.

Also list any dead drops, where your body will be left if you are in possession/astral/subsume/etc.

This section is also for any other declarations you wish to be made known to the STs, such as retainers that may be with your PC during the event. (Sheets will be required for any NPC retainers brought to the event)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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