Logan County Board of DD Survey
In Logan County there are more than 500 people with developmental disabilities. The following survey explores the quality of life, employment, community integration and satisfaction levels regarding the programs and services provided and/or funded by the Logan County Board of DD. Our agency seeks input from our community, clients, providers and families on an annual basis. Please help us by completing the following survey by March 1, 2018.
1. How familiar are you with services offered by the Logan County Board of DD? *
Services include: Early Intervention (age 0-2), Preschool, Transitional (transition from high school to adult), Adult Services (RTC, Excursions, Friends of Leroy Brown), Residential Services (Supported Living), SSA (Case Management), Employment Services, etc.
2. The services and supports offered by the Logan County Board of DD meet the needs of our community? *
3. The Logan County Board of DD has helped me or my loved one become more involved in the community? *
4. Do you believe that you or your loved one has learned or developed skills to use within the community and workplace? *
5. Are you satisfied that the Logan County Board of DD has effectively managed resources, providing efficient and effective services to people with developmental disabilities? *
6. How would you rate the overall services provided by the Logan County Board of DD? *
7. How do you receive information about the Logan County Board of DD?
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8. Do you receive The Messenger newsletter via our email program?
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9. If you read The Messenger newsletter, how do you rate it?
10. Have you visited our website, www.logancbdd.org, and/or our Facebook page?
11. Do you consider our website and Facebook page helpful?
12. Are you a resident of Logan County, Ohio? *
13. Please enter your age.
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14. My connection with the Logan County Board of DD is? (Please complete a survey for each applicable connection.) *
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