Loving FLR Reader Survey
This is not a QUIZ. This is a SURVEY. Please answer honestly. Your answers are anonymous.
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Relationship Status
Do you have children under 18 living in your household?
Which category best describes your current working status?
Are you currently in a Loving FLR?
Which description closely matches your idea of a Female Led Relationship?
Which continent are you on?
How old are you?
Your total annual income
Highest level of education completed
Do you consider yourself to be religious?
How would you describe your political views?
Which is the most important element in a Loving FLR?
What do you believe is the biggest obstacle to establishing a Loving FLR?
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Are you regularly involved in any BDSM communities or activities?
Do you believe Loving FLRs should incorporate control of the man's choices?
Do you believe women are superior to men?
Do you believe the woman should be the breadwinner in a Loving FLR?
How do you believe that public knowledge of your Loving FLR would impact in your life?
If your child expressed that they wanted to be involved in a Loving FLR how would you feel?
Were you raised in a household where the woman was the leader?
How much authority do you believe a woman should have in a Loving FLR?
What does leadership in a relationship mean to you?
What is the biggest hindrance to enjoying a Loving FLR?
Which method of Loving FLR education is most useful to you?
How do you feel when you think about being in a Loving FLR?
Which word best describes a woman in a Loving FLR?
Which word best describes a man in a Loving FLR?
What is the biggest indicator that a couple is in a Loving FLR?
When considering a partner for a Loving FLR which is the MOST important factor?
What is the biggest benefit of being in a Loving FLR?
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How would your life be better if you had a Loving FLR?
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Which topics or questions do you want to see covered more concerning Loving FLRs?
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How do you support the advancement of Loving FLRs into mainstream society?
Which product of LovingFLR.Com do you appreciate the most?
Which type of products, programs or services would you like to see Loving FLR develop next?
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How do you feel about the progress and presentation of LovingFLR.Com and its programs? All suggestions and concerns are welcomed!
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