Teacher Technology Usage
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Do you teach any students with accommodations? (ELL, ESE, etc.)
What is the most common way you hear about digital tools (apps, websites, etc.) for your classroom? Select any that apply.
Select the type of data tracking you would find most useful in your classroom. You may select more than one.
Other than academic progress, behavior, and accommodations, are there any other areas that you are required to report on daily, weekly, or monthly?
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Are you required to track your hall passes in any form?
What type of digital device do you have available and usable in your room to help you teach? Select any that apply.
What brand device do you use?
Please select current subscription products you use in your classroom. Select any that apply.
If an app or website could provide the following services, which would be the most useful in your classroom?
On average, how many annual classroom subscriptions do you purchase a year with teacher lead money or out of your own pocket?
What is the average price you pay for an annual classroom subscription that you purchase either with teacher lead money or out of your own pocket?
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