Mission Cognition VIRTUAL Social Skills Group Application
Hello! This application is for participation in ONLINE social skills group meetings held via our video conferencing platform. Groups meet 1-2x weekly for 60 min dependent upon age/target skills.

Tuition fee is $45 per week (1x group) inclusive of live zoom meetings and access to our social screens online learning portal with video lessons & practice activities targeting 12 social skills areas.

Your child must be at least 6 years old, consistently communicate in phrases/sentences, be able to attend to the screen and follow along with minimal support/prompting and the absence of significant disruptive behavior to be deemed a candidate.

The information obtained below, helps the team determine whether or not your child would be a good candidate for this service delivery model, and if so, which group would be the best fit. While we take into consideration preferred days/times indicated, our priority is forming best fit groups according to age as well as areas of strength/need.

Upon receipt of the application, we will follow up within 3 business days to advise you of the next steps. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Be Kind. Be Well.
Ms. Ashley & Team MC
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