UD Hillel Fall Internship Program
Our fall internships will give you the opportunity to make a difference for fellow Jewish students at UD. With five internship positions available, each internship will give you professional experience working with a small non-profit organization while providing you with an opportunity to have a direct impact on the community you care about.

Applications close Sept 9th.

This internship is unpaid, and the program will begin the second week of classes, with an estimated 2-5 hours of work per week. We'll work around your schedule! Priority is given to students who have not had an internship or leadership role with Hillel in the past year.

All internships will take place virtually.

If you haven't checked out the descriptions, you can check them out here https://www.udhillel.org/fallinternships .
Looking for a different type of internship than we have proposed? You also have the option of proposing your own internship, which would both benefit you and Hillel.

Questions? Shoot Hilary an email at hjampel@udel.edu
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