The Large Urban Parks Questionnaire - Register your park!
Welcome to the community of Large Urban Parks!

With the good practice working group we want to share knowledge about how to handle various tasks and issues among large urban parks stewards, managers, funders, planners, defenders and advocates.

A first step is to create a database of Large Urban Parks, and to gather basic information about the facilities and financing of these parks. We therefore want to ask you to help us by filling out this short (about 15 minutes) questionnaire for the park(s) you are working for. As your park is important for many people, its information should be included. The results will be published regularly on the website and at the end of the questionnaire you can opt in to receive a copy of the analysis when available.

Structure of the survey:

- General information about the park
- Financial information
- Amenities and/or facilities in the park

It is recommended to read the pdf-version in advance before filling out the questionnaire as it is not possible to save it and return to it later. This pdf was enclosed in the invitational mail. If you didn't receive that mail or arrived at this questionnaire by other ways, you can find a link to the pdf file on this page (see last paragraph):

Kind Regards,

Good Practices Working Group

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