ESONN 2019 evaluations - week 1
Keep in mind that these evaluations have to be filled in at the end of each week.
Such a feed-back from you is of great importance to help us maintaining a high scientific level and an optimised organization of ESONN sessions.
These questionnaires are anonymous.
Don't hesitate to let your comments in the "other remarks" boxes!

We thank you in advance for your help and active participation.
Guillermo VILLANUEVA - Nanofabrication
VILLANUEVA (theory) - Was the lecture :
VILLANUEVA (density) - Was the lecture :
VILLANUEVA (difficulty) - Was the lecture :
VILLANUEVA - Do you think that this lecture is useful in the ESONN program ?
VILLANUEVA - Did you have adequate background ?
VILLANUEVA - Was the lecture well presented ?
VILLANUEVA - Other remarks:
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