Gay Games 11 - Volunteer Application Form 第11屆香港同樂運動會 - 志願者申請表
Welcome to Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 and thank you for your interest in joining the volunteer team.

Please answer a few questions to let us know more about you.

Gay Games is an International Diversity Festival with multi-Sports, Arts & Culture and Opening & Closing Ceremonies organised by the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+) community

It is open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnic background, religion or physical ability - open entry, no pre-qualification.

Hong Kong has won the bid to host the first Gay Games in Asia, now we need your support to make this a great experience to both local and international LGBTQ+ community.



同樂運動會是由LGBTQ+ 社群(女同性戀,男同性戀,雙性戀,跨性別,酷兒)舉辦多種體育,藝術和文化活動以及開/閉幕禮。


香港贏得了亞洲首屆同樂運動會的主辦權,現在我們需要您的支持,為香港及國際LGBTQ+ 社群帶來一次非凡的同樂運動會體驗。
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