2020 San Francisco Citywide Summer Resource Fair Exhibitor Registration
The 2020 San Francisco Citywide Summer Resource Fair will take place on Saturday, February 8 from 11am to 2pm at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. Any agency that provides programs or services for San Francisco's children, youth, and families is welcome to host a table at the Fair. There is no charge to be an exhibitor.

**PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors may not distribute the following at the Summer Resource Fair: stickers, beverages of any kind, and/or food that is not pre-packaged. Reminder for DCYF Grantees: it is a violation of your grant agreement to distribute candy. Registering as an exhibitor indicates that you are aware of and will comply with these regulations.**

If you have any questions about the Summer Resource Fair please contact Emily Davis: 415.554.8991, emily.davis@dcyf.org
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