Autodesk + BWxD Challenge Submission Form
Thank you for participating in the Autodesk + BWxD "Reimagining Food Systems" Challenge!

If your project is found with plagiarized content it will be disqualified from evaluation. We ask that you plan to provide a share link using Dropbox or another similar file sharing platform. The challenge is open to all college students
(undergraduate and graduate). We recommend groups no larger than 3!

To be considered for the prizes you are asked to address each guideline in your submission. We do, however, welcome you to submit process work or unfinished work if, for any reason, you do not plan to complete your project. Incomplete submissions will still be evaluated and any work that we find powerful is eligible to be shared to the BWxD community with your permission. However, prizes may not be eligible to incomplete submissions.

The last day to submit is February 24th, 2017.

Please feel free to email with questions.

Our Submission Guidelines are listed and enumerated below:

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A proposal: What need does it address?
Explain to us the need you have identified, how you have addressed it, and why it matters.
High-level: What is your design?
Communicate–in whatever way you see fit–the most important aspects of your design. This could be a video, a poster, a comic strip, written documentation, a story, play-test, an interaction map, all of the above, or something else entirely. Think carefully about what is most important in understanding your design and deliver that as clearly and succinctly as you can.
Explanation of scope, intent, and impact: What is the interplay with existing food systems?
Your design does not exist in isolation. We ask that you deeply consider where it lives in pre-existing–or future–systems, what impact is has, on whom, and to what extent. Be far-sighted and consider the scope, intent, and impact of your design in as many contexts as you find relevant: individual, social, political, environmental, etc.. Walk through the entire lifecycle, and possible consequences, of your design. How might it look in the real world? Show us what your design looks like and how it might behave in the interplay of an ever-expanding world.
The story of your process–from concept to completion: How did you do it?
We encourage you to weave the process you undertook–from concept to completion–into a story that engages your audience in a compelling dialogue with your ideas and your experience. Convince us that you did the groundwork, understood the need, and devised a better world by design.
Final design imagery: How does it work?
A significant aspect of your design must be created or represented using the Fusion 360 tool. We ask that you submission includes detailed imagery which demonstrates the technical aspects of your design. In your submission we suggested you use key renders, images of mock-ups or sketch models, and prototypes (if relevant) to fully represent what you have created. You may also share the completed CAD files if you wish.
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