Would you like a community grocery in your area?

Community groceries stock surplus food from local supermarkets which enables members to be able to buy lots of fresh fruit and veg, bakery, chilled & frozen food and store cupboard items at reasonable price. Membership would be in the region of £5 a year and that would allow each member to buy a set number of items for around £3-5 a shop. This would provide around £15-30 worth of food depending on what donations are available. This is a great way to allow households to budget and be able to afford fresh fruit and veg, meat, dairy, bread etc. The community groceries can also offer access to free courses such as mental well being, job clubs, cooking classes, debt relief etc.
We want to know your thoughts. Would you like to be a member of a community grocery and if yes, would you like to get involved with setting it up or running it with the help of Resurrected Bites initially? Long term, we would like the community grocery to be run for and by its members or by another organisation but we appreciate that setting it up on your own might feel daunting which is why we are offering to help your community to set it up and to advise you if you need it.
But there again you may think the whole thing is a terrible idea so please complete this survey so we know what you want for your community.
If you want to see what one looks like https://communitygrocery.org.uk
1. Would you like a community grocery in your area? *
2. Which area do you live in e.g. Starbeck, Jennyfields? Please give your postcode too. *
3. Is there a building in your area that you think could potentially house the grocery - ideally a room 10 x 10 metres, minimum 5 x 5 metres. In order to make the grocery financially sustainable, we need a free or low cost building. If yes please give details of the building.
4. Would you like to help set up the grocery with the help of your community? *
5. Do you think your community or organisation can set it up without any assistance from Resurrected Bites?
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6. If you would like to offer your help, please let us know what you can offer (tick as many as you want to offer)
7. If you would like to help, please can you provide your name
7. If you would like to help, please can you provide your phone number or email address.
8. Do you consent to us storing and using your data to help us set up the community grocery? Details of our privacy policy are here https://resurrectedbites.co.uk/privacy-policy-2 *
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