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Festive Promotion : Sharing Bento RM 89 (Kampachi Plaza33)
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シェアリング弁当 Delightful Iftar Sharing Bento RM 89 *Kampachi Plaza33
銀鱈塩焼き Grilled Cod Fish with Salt RM98
銀鱈照り焼き Grilled Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce RM98
鯖塩焼き Grilled Mackerel with Salt RM53
鯖照り焼き Grilled Mackerel with Teriyaki Sauce RM53
鮭塩焼き Grilled Salmon with Salt RM53
鮭照り焼き Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce RM53
鳥照り焼き Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce RM51
若鳥唐揚げ Deep-fried Chicken in Japanese Style RM48
エビ天ぷら Prawn Tempura RM72
カキフライ Deep-fried Oyster in Bread Crumbs RM53
ソフト蟹巻き Soft Shell Crab Roll RM79
海老天ぷら巻き Ebi Tempura Maki RM58
太巻き Futomaki Japanese Traditional Roll RM52
リバース巻き Reverse California Maki RM68
すき焼き Beef and Vegetables Sukiyaki RM96
うな丼 Grilled Eel on Rice RM92
牛丼 Sliced Beef and Onion on Rice RM63
にんにくチャーハン Garlic Fried Rice RM 23
枝豆 Boiled Soybean in Pods RM16
野菜サラダ  Green Salad with Goma Dressing RM25
ソフト蟹サラダ  Soft Shell Crab Salad RM50
玉子焼き  Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelet RM15
安倍川餅  Abekawamochi RM32
かけうどん  Hot Udon RM39
かけそば  Hot Soba RM39
ざるうどん  Cold Udon RM39
ざるそば  Cold Soba RM39
Rice RM5
Asari Miso Soup  RM 22
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