Curly Kids OOSH Vacation Care January 2020
Please complete this form for registering your interest in Curly Kids OOSH October Vacation care.
This vacation care we are running 2 programs, a Junior (Years K-2) and a senior program (Years 3-6).
All the children will spend some time together at the beginning and the end of the day and will be separated for the excursion or incursion event scheduled for that day.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a 2 week cancellation policy on any vacation care bookings.
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Junior Program enrollment
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MON 13/1 Crazy Science Day ($67 Incursion)
* 4 Spots left * TUE 14/1 Beach Day Fun w/Hot Chips ($75 Excursion)
WED 15/1 Water Day / Slip n slide ($67 Incursion)
* FULL* THU 16/1 Ultimate Family Centre ($75 Excursion)
FRI 17/1 Hawaiian Hullaballoo ($67 Incursion)
* FULL* MON 20/1 Manly Surf n Slide / Manly Wharf ($75 Excursion)
* FULL * TUE 21/1 Aquatopia ($75 Excursion)
WED 22/1 Wacky Wednesday ($67 Incursion)
*2 Spots left* THU 23/1 Artistic Thursday ($67 Incursion)
FRI 24/1 BBQ/ Wheels Day ($75 Excursion)
Senior Program enrollment
Child A
Child B
Child C
Child D
MON 13/1 Bush Walk – Swim – Ice Cream ($75 Excursion))
TUE 14/1 All things tropical ($67 Incursion)
WED 15/1 Amazing Race ($75 Excursion)
THU 16/10 Jungle Float Clontarf ($75 Excursion)
FRI 17/1 Gameshow Mania ($67 Incursion)
MON 20/1 Minute to win it ($67 Incursion)
* FULL * TUE 21/1 Aquatopia ($75 Excursion)
WED 22/1 MasterChef ($67 Incursion)
THU 23/1 Ice Zoo Alexandria ($75 Excursion)
FRI 24/1 Spa & Relaxation ($67 Incursion)
Please give us any other information here, including if you wish a senior child to be enrolled in a junior program to be with their sibling.
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