Conference Nordic Schools for Therapydogs
We only have room for attendees without dogs.
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Welcome to an international conference
Last day for registration 1 april

3649 SEK about 327,54 EURO - No dogs (all tickets for dogs are sold out)

Swedish participants will be able to pay with Klarna. Please send us an email to

09.00 - 9.30 Registration

09.30 - 10.00 Information (Sara Karlberg)

10.00 - 12.30 Workshop, dogtraining. Theme - physical and mental illness in children and youth. Johanna Rosendahl (Finnish school for therapydogs) will lecture about animal assisted interventions and host the workshop with different exercises

12.30 - 14.00 Lunch - Visit the exhibitors in their stands

14.00 - 17.30 Prof Aubrey Fine will lecture/workshop ( open lecture and others will attend)

17.30 - 19.00 Visit the exhibitors in their stands

19.00 Dinner - Swedish School for Therapydogs will celebrate their 10th anniversary. There will be live music, activities and good dining.

09.00 - 9.30 Startup

09.30 - 12.30 - Aubrey Fine will continue from his saturday lecture/workshop

12.30 - 14.00 - Lunch - Visit the exhibitors in their stands

14.00 - 16.30 - Workshop, dogtraining. Theme - physical and mental illness in adults and elderly. Gunn Pederssen (Norwegian school for therapydogs) will lecture about animal assisted interventions and host a workshop with different exercises

16.30 - 17.00 - Ending session

Aubrey Fine - information
Optimizing the value and recognition AAI:  Strategies for Engaged Professionals

Animal assisted interventions is at a cross road in being accepted as a legitimate complementary therapy. Over the course of the last several decades, research has demonstrated the significance of animal assisted interventions in supporting the lives of various special populations. The field has evolved from being simply misunderstood has gone from to becoming a more respected and valued form of therapy.

Within this workshop, attention will be given to discussing several issues initially providing a foundation for understanding the value of human animal interactions and the benefits from human animal interactions. The remainder of the workshop will cover information concretizing and identifying various unique strategies that professionals can apply in incorporating AAI with diverse populations. Finally, attention will also be given to helping professionals interested in AAI with materials to educate other healthcare providers  in understanding the value of incorporating AAI in their distinct professional settings. This information will include insights on changing public policies pertaining to AAI.

Aubrey H. Fine Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus

California State Poly University, Pomona

Room is not included in the price. You need to book your own room. There is a limited amount of rooms. Please book as soon as possible to make sure you will be accomodated.

Dogs are allowed in all rooms and the hotell will charge 250 SEK/day for extra cleaning.

1495 SEK Price with breakfast is for bookings made only by telephone or email. They can not guarantee good price if you book via HomePage , , expedia , travellink or other chanels for booking.

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