Chevy Chase Village Stormwater Committee Community Survey
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to contribute to the Village's efforts to address stormwater runoff issues. 

This survey has been designed by the Village's Stormwater Committee, which was formed by the Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers in December 2022.  The committee's mandate is to define problems and concerns associated with stormwater runoff, analyze the costs and benefits of possible solutions, and make recommendations to the Village Board.  In carrying out that mandate, the committee wants to gain a thorough understanding of the nature, scope and patterns of stormwater runoff issues affecting Village residents, as well as to explore mitigation techniques that homeowners have implemented.  Developing an understanding of the stormwater problems from residents’ perspectives is critical to identifying solutions that will best address the community’s concerns.

The committee welcomes survey responses from all residents in the Village through Tuesday, June 13, 2023 (one response per household).  While residents are urged to complete the survey online, a printed version of the survey has been mailed to all Village households for those who are unable to access it online.  Regardless of whether your home is directly affected by stormwater runoff, we would like to hear your opinions and experience.  

Responses will be kept confidential and used for Village purposes only.  Thank you very much for your critical assistance.

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1. How important is the issue of stormwater to you? (If not important, skip to question 3.)
Not important
Extremely important
Clear selection
2. Why is stormwater runoff important to you? (Check ALL that apply)
3. What do you think are the main causes of stormwater issues in the Village? (Check ALL that apply.)
4. Has stormwater affected your property?
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5. When did stormwater runoff become an issue for you?
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6. How would you characterize stormwater impacts on your property? 
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7. What are the effects of stormwater on your property? (Check ALL that apply; please do not include water damage resulting from roof, gutter, or downspouts.)
8. To your knowledge, how has stormwater affected other properties on your block? (Check ALL that apply; exclude water damage resulting from roof, gutter, or downspouts.)
9. How many times per year would you estimate that your property is impacted by stormwater? 
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10. What percent of your property would you estimate is impacted by stormwater?
11. How long following a rain event does flooding/ponding generally last, if at all? 
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12. Have you taken steps to address the stormwater issues on your property?
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13. Please check any that apply among the following and indicate APPROXIMATELY how much you have spent to address these issues.
More than $5000
Not applicable
Altered landscaping
Installed sump pump
Installed drains, berms, or swales
Installed rain garden/rain barrel
Installed drywell
Installed pervious patio, walkway, or driveway
Installed gutters, downspouts, or screens on gutters
Installed screens on gutters
Pruned trees or foliage to avoid blockages
Sealed foundation
Repaired damage to basement
Installed raised/covered window wells
Worked with neighbor(s) to solve problem
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14. If you installed a sump pump, drains, berms, swales, rain gardens, rain barrels, or a dry well, how much have you spent on their maintenance in the last five years? 
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15. Did any of these installations or actions solve your problem? 
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16. Which actions improved stormwater issues affecting your home and/or yard?
17. Which actions did not improve stormwater issues affecting your home and/or yard?
18. Are you aware of current Village regulations and permitting requirements for changes that impact the flow of water including regrading, increases in building footprint, discharge of downspouts, sump pump discharges, and impermeable surfaces such as driveways, walkways, sport courts, and patios? 
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About your property: To assist our community with plotting/mapping responses, we are requesting that all respondents provide their address.  This information will allow us to better understand the patterns of stormwater runoff issues in the Village. Responses will be kept confidential and will be used for Village purposes only.

19. Please provide your full address:
20. In what year was your house built? (OK to estimate if not known.)
21(a). Have you made any additions to (i) your home's footprint, including porches, or (ii) your property's impermeable surfaces such as driveways, patios, sport courts, and swimming pools?
Clear selection
21(b). Have you noticed a change in stormwater accumulation and flow off your property post-construction? If so, please describe briefly. 
22. How many years have you owned or lived at your current address?
23. What options do you think the Village should consider to address stormwater issues?
24. Anything else you want to share here? 
If you have additional information to share, please reach out to The Stormwater Management Committee at 

Thank you for your time and input!
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