Live Like Line Foundation
Caroline Found was an all-state setter who led her West High volleyball team to a state championship in 2010. She worked extremely hard to be a great athlete and leader, but that's only a small part of what made her special. Caroline, or Line as she liked to be called, was passionate about life and wanted to make the most of every single day, so she always had a smile on her face. Her greatest asset was making other people feel important - she was a great friend, included everyone - no matter who they were - and liked doing things for other people.
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Carry the legacy on
We ask that recipients of the Live Like Line Foundation carry Line's legacy into the future. We would like you to live like Caroline did and do something nice for two other people. It can be as simple as taking out the garbage for an elderly neighbor or becoming a friend to someone who needs one. Please write down some ideas you have to pay it forward.
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The Board has the right to conduct a reference check, and the Board has the sole and exclusive right to distribute the money according to the priorities that have been established:
1.Basic needs that are not covered elsewhere in the school district or community.
2. Recipients will be chosen by attempting to distribute money evenly
throughout the community based on gender, race, age, and ethnicity.
3. New recipients will be given higher priority than prior recipients.
Contact Info:
Jan Leff - 319-337-4418 or
Pat Smith - 319-430-3871 or
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