#FitatLely | Registration Pilates from 08-04
Pilates: From Thursday April 8, every Thursday from 4.30 - 5.15pm.
This class takes place via MS Teams.

Pilates is a training method based on posture, stability, coordination, breathing and focus on body and mind. It is an effective workout that strengthens and stretches muscle groups at the same time in order to achieve a balanced and flexible body.
The whole body is involved in Pilates. But above all you train your core-stability. By 'core' we mean your torso or your core: a corset of muscles around your back, abdomen and pelvis. You need these muscles to perform all kinds of movements. A stable, strong core reduces the risk of injury. The exercises protect your back in everyday life and ensure a good posture.
Mostly the exercises are performed on a mat. In doing so, you use your own body as resistance. The results are stronger core muscles, a better posture, more stability, increased flexibility and overall physical fitness.

If you register for this course, you register for the full 13-weeks course. So you commit to the entire process.
If you are not able to be present once, that is no problem (even if you are on holiday for a period). But try to make sure that you enable yourself to follow what you actually sign up for.

First training: 8 April 2021
Duration of course: 13 weeks
Duration per training: 45 minutes
Language: English
Equipment: (Yoga)mat / Towel / Blanket
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Lely had partnered with De Atleetfabriek, specialists in workplace wellness programmes. De Atleetfabriek will provide the vitality activities.

Health and condition
Participating in a sports activity is healthy but also comes with some risk. As a participant you are and will remain responsible for your own health while participating in any activity at the vitality programme. If you have any injuries, problems or health limitations it is important to inform your coach about the status of your situation.

Participation in these activities is voluntary and for your own responsibility. De Atleetfabriek can and will not take any responsibility for injuries while participating unless we can determine that these injuries are a consequence of gross neglect or false intentions of De Atleetfabriek.

Participating in activities of De Atleetfabriek allows De Atleetfabriek and coaches to assume you have no physical limitations of which we should have been pre-informed. De Atleetfabriek reserves the right to restrict participation at any time should health problems occur even if the participant does not agree to this preventive measure. If you have any health problems or you're unsure about your physical ability to participate in this activity, please obtain advice from a doctor before participating.

The information that you provide with this registration will be used by De Atleetfabriek and the project team only to improve the vitality project. For more information see our Privacy Statement which can be found on our website (www.deatleetfabriek.nl/algemene-voorwaarden). By filling this form, you as participant declare to have read the content and agree to the above. This means that you will inform the instructor of any limitations that you may have and will act accordingly.

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