Calls For: Deadlines for Oral Storytelling.

If you have "call for" proposals for workshops, presenters and performers AND it is connected to the oral-storytelling tradition, please place your information here. We'll post it to our "clearing house" page at, hosted by We reserve the right to not post any submission for any reason. Be sure your posting is connected to oral storytelling and spoken-word type events that feature an in-person audience at the time of the event.

Keep your language here family-friendly, if your event is not. Your event will be posted at within 72 hours and your information will be Emailed to some of the most active and professional oral storytellers in the U.S. and Canada. It will be removed once your deadline has passed. This is a hand-curated service, so be patient.

While this service is free, we do offer a promotional package where we will post your request across social media (usually multiple times) and put your request on the front page of You'll reach thousands with your information and request. Follow the directions below to add that service.

(Work in Progress. Last Update 1/30/2017)

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