2018-2019 School Year Day Care Survey
Hello, and thank you for participating in our 2018-2019 School Year Day Care and Programming Survey!

Now that the school schedule for next year has been approved, Camp Ketcha is working to plan quality care for children and families that take advantage of our programming. We realize that shifts in the school schedule next year may create changing needs for our families - and we need your input to do this right! We currently provide after school care for children from Wentworth and Pleasant Hill Schools - and other children can join in, too, if they have transportation. Your feedback will help us to ensure that our programming is accessible to all. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions!

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What school year will your child attend in the Fall of 2018?
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Is your child currently enrolled, or do you anticipate enrolling your child in next year's program?
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How late will you need care for your child?
Camp Ketcha sources staffing skills based on program needs. With this in mind, how important is dedicated homework time for your child during after-school care?
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Would you be interested in an added tutoring service during after-care hours at Camp Ketcha?
How important are care services to your family during storm/snow days?
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Camp Ketcha after-school care is a great opportunity for group enrichment activities that encourage cooperation and socialization. How important are structured activities to you?
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Program Areas Of Interest
Please take a moment to rate the below structured activities, based on your child's interest levels. Your answers will help us to ensure that we are bringing the best new programming your way!
Adventure Activities: Ropes Course, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Outdoor Cooking Skills, Wilderness Navigation, Canoing, Kayaking Skills
Equestrian Activities: Horseback Riding, Unmounted Activities, Equestrian Knowledge, Care Of Horses
Maker Activities: Woodworking Projects, Bicycle Repair, 3-D Printing Projects
Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing and Sculpting, Photography
Performing Arts: Skits, Plays, Readings, Songs, Dance, Instrument Play
Wellness: Yoga, Mileage Club, Meditation/Mindfulness Practice
Farm/Garden: Interaction With and Care Of Farm Animals, Garden Harvesting, Food Preservation, Year-Round Healthy Eating, Garden Planning, Winter Food Production
Sustainability: Species Inventories, Water Quality Testing, Organic Pest Management, Endangered Species Habitat Restoration, Responsible Facilities Planning, Erosion Control
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