KAI NATION is an APP idea created by locals for locals that connects people, businesses, marae, sports clubs, cafes and more with each other to share surplus food and reduce edible kai going to landfill. This could be end of day cafe food, spare home-grown fruit & vegetables, bread from your bakery/supermarket, or the food left over in your cupboards/fridge when you go away.

The APP also provides a directory that consolidates all offerings relating to food including food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, Cheap eats, Community gardens, Fish heads & frames, free food stores and more. Search locally or nationwide. If you are a food waste champion, care about our environment or just don't like seeing kai go to waste then get connected to our mail list to be informed when we go live late May 2019.

P.s The APP is 100% FREE and you will be able to use it offline when not connected to the Internet then it will automatically update itself next time you connect to the net.

Click here to get connected to our public FB page - https://www.facebook.com/KAINATIONNZ/

Proudly brought to you by the founder of Pataka Kai Open Street Pantries.
Coming to NZ May 2019
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