Enrollment Form for St. Jerome Atrium, 2017-2018
Please complete this form and send the registration deposit of $100 (checks should be made payable to "St. Jerome Academy" with "Atrium" in memo) to reserve your child's place in the 2017-2018 Atrium. Immunization forms are needed for enrolling in the 1:30-3:00 pm, Thursday Atrium. If you are enrolling a second child, please fill out the form a second time -- one form per child.
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Child's Last Name *
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Child's Birthdate *
Atrium Level *
Level I is for children ages 30 months-6 years; Level II is for children ages 6-9. Six-year-olds who are not independent readers should apply for Level I.
Previous Atrium Experience *
Please indicate how much previous Atrium experience your child has had. If your child has had both Level I and Level II experience, please check both boxes as appropriate.
School *
Grade *
Please select your child's grade level.
Sacramental Preparation *
Please indicate which response best describes your child's status with respect to having made First Confession and First Holy Communion.
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Emergency Contact *
Please input the name and phone number of at least one emergency contact other than the parent listed above.
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Pickup Person
Please input the name and phone number of any person(s) you designate to be able to pickup your child from Atrium.
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Special Needs
Please provide information about any special learning or medical needs your child may have.
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Medical Instructions *
Please check all that apply.
Class Day *
Please check at least one box and check each day that your child would be available for Atrium. Atrium will be held 3:30-5:30 p.m. one day per week. Please select each day that it would be possible to attend, not just what would be your preferred day(s). If you have a preferred day, please indicate it in the comments box at the end of the survey.
Note: Due to the requirements of the Archdiocese of Washington for St. Jerome Academy during school day hours, in order to enroll your child in the Thursday 1:30 to 3:00 pm Level I Atrium, it is necessary to complete pages 1-2 of the Archdiocese of Washington Immunization Form here: http://www.stjeromes.org/sites/stjeromes.lifeaftersunday.net/files/Archdiocese%20of%20WashImmunization%202010-11.pdf (Submit this Form with initial deposit.)
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The Atrium aide receives free tuition for her child.
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