Survey for 4th Ward Elmhurst Residents
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our 4th Ward and the City of Elmhurst. Understanding your views help me to continue to serve you and represent you on the Elmhurst City Council as your Alderman.
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1. Which of the following issues is the most important to you?
2. Do you think that the City Council should continue to promote a vibrant downtown district?
A strong downtown increases the tax base and allows the city to lower the resident's individual tax burden.
3. How important is it to you that our Police Department remains in the city center, regardless of the cost to expand or rebuild?
4. Do you think more needs to be done to address storm water issues in Elmhurst?
In the last 4 years, 12 stormwater projects have been completed and two are currently being constructed. These projects represent an additional 100 acre feet of stormwater storage available to protect neighborhoods. However, there are still neighborhoods that have stormwater problems.
5. Are you interested in a program that allows you to monitor your households water usage on a daily basis?
6. Do you think that our Fire Department / EMS is providing “Superior Service”?
7. Do you think your property taxes are…
8. Do you feel that the city proactively communicates with its residents?
9. What is the best way to communicate city and ward news with you?
10. Please let me know what the City Council can do to improve Elmhurst.
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