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BlogCoin is a new coin marketing and support service (ICO) that has collaborated with us.
Marketing consultant βœ…
Promotion and βœ…
Trade consultant βœ…
BlogCoin sends 500 BLGC tokens to members of their community. Join us, Create an account and send us your details to receive BLGC tokens. Also get 20 for each referral.

😊 Don't miss this opportunity & get your free token NOW! Complete tasks & get BlogCoin BLGC / XLM tokens.

The price announced by BLGC is $ 0.05 XLM, and has been registered with SDEX (StellarX, Stellarport, Interstellar, Lobstr)
Be sure to add BLGC trustline to your Stellar wallet.

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βœ…Witabaper: https: //


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