Can Parenting Coaching Help Me?
Parenting doesn't come with a manual, but it does come with a coach.

This quiz is geared to help guide you on your path to getting the best, most helpful support we can offer you. Allow yourself to take the quiz with an open mind and see what you find.

With love,
Kassandra and team

Your answer
I feel supported in my efforts to be a better parent.
all the time
I get so frustrated, sad, or mad at my kids that I lose it.
all the time
I'd like more support to have a happier family and more peace of mind.
I'm willing to do what it takes to stop passing wounds and struggles from one generation to the next.
not really
Yes, I'm committed
The thing that's hardest for me in my family right now is ....
What's driving you crazy? Where do you "lose it"?
Your answer
What I really want is .....
What do you long for? Silly and profound answers are both welcome.
Your answer
If I got the thing I want most, I'd feel ...
What would that experience be like? Letting yourself feel it and put it into words is a great step towards getting it.
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I'll email you a copy of your quiz.
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Phone or Skype
Required to get your free, personal support for next steps.
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