Gateway 2018 Effigy Concept Submission
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Friends, Artists and Creative Thinkers!
It is time to select a design for the Gateway 2018 - Tapping the Dream Tree effigy, and we need your ideas! Have you ever wanted to see your very own design rendered in three dimensions, climbed and played on by the Gateway community, and ultimately sent off in a pillar of flame and smoke? Now is your chance! Submit your design by December 1 and, if selected, you will have the opportunity to work with our talented and experienced build team to make your concept a reality.

Successful submissions are more likely to include sketches/illustrations/pictures as well as a detailed description. Bonus points for addressing how your effigy idea relates to the theme and/or provides an interactive element to the community. We know the build team would like to see pictures.

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Description of the concept and how it relates to the the theme "Tapping the Dream Tree". Tell us the story of your effigy design.
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Do you have ideas for interactive elements to include in the concept? (i.e. ladders, slides, swings?) How will your design engage the brains and bodies of burners?
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Proposals will be reviewed by the Gateway Event Coordinator Team, with input from the Effigy Build Team and Fire Safety Team. The submitter of the selected proposal may work with the build team at whatever level of involvement they choose to effect the execution of their vision.
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