2019: The WORLDZ GoodFronts Application
Please complete the application below to be considered for one of our 4 presenting spots at the 2019 WORLDZ GoodFronts in Long Beach, CA on Sept 10th & 11th. Presenting organizations will be alerted by July 19th. For questions or other inquires please email GOODFRONTS@WORLDZ.US
More about The WORLDZ GoodFronts
The WORLDZ GoodFronts™ is where action meets opportunity in the world of social enterprise. By connecting some of the globe’s most ambitious social good organizations with the resources they need to achieve their mission, the WORLDZ GoodFronts™ is changing how good gets done.

Inspired by the media industry’s Upfronts, where companies compete for ad dollars by letting advertisers bid on commercial airtime, the WORLDZ GoodFronts™ is an “Action Auction” where social good organizations compete for the time, talent, and platforms of business leaders from across 70 different industries.

Applications for the WORLDZ GoodFronts™ are open from May 21 through June 28, 2019. The selected organizations will be notified shortly thereafter and asked to submit their presentation materials to the WORLDZ team by mid-August. The official WORLDZ GoodFronts™ presentations will be held at WORLDZ 2019 on September 11th in Long Beach, CA.

Over 300 senior leaders from culture-shaping industries will be in attendance for the presentations. They will have an opportunity to ask questions, offer live feedback and ideas, and make commitments within their sphere of access and expertise -- both in person and via the WORLDZ app.

Last year, media personality SuChin Pak introduced presentations by the Gun Safety Alliance, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Love Has No Labels and The World Food Programme. As a result, the WORLDZ Community committed resources and monetary investments valued at over 10 million dollars in just under 90 minutes.

Following the WORLDZ GoodFronts™, WORLDZ will work with featured organizations to process all commitments, codify action steps and measure impact.

Key Dates:
May 21 - June 28: Application Season Open!
July 19: Presenters Alerted & Confirmed
August 15: Presentation Assets Due
September 10: On-Site Rehearsals
September 11: Official WORLDZ GoodFronts™ Presentations in Long Beach, CA

Founded by Ross Martin (CEO of Blackbird) and Roman Tsunder (CEO of WORLDZ + PTTOW!), the WORLDZ GoodFronts™ are presented in association with Ad Age and the Ad Council.


If you are chosen for one of the four presenting spots you will be required to submit your presentation deck by August 15, 2019. You will also be required to participate in an in-person rehearsal on either September 10th or 11th. Presentations are limited to 7-minutes in length and followed by a 5-minute 'questions and commitments' section for live participation from the audience.

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