Longboard Preorders
I have been asked for the past year or so if I had reproduction decks based on my artist skateboards. It as been something I have been researching and now, I have found a company to help me make ride able skateboards a reality!

For this preorder I am focusing on longboards. If there is an image of mine you HAVE to have, or another board type you prefer please drop me an email. It can be made a reality.

//This listing is for a PRE-ORDER item! Please keep in mind that no boards will ship until mid to late July//
I will be invoicing orders in batches, normally every three days.

This form closes June 20th for Anthro PreOrders, so I have time to get the boards in hand for Anthro Con.

Thanks so much for your interest!

Board Designs (Boards are $150 each)
Choose your Board! (or many!)
Other (Link to the piece you want)
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What you would like to be called, does not have to be your legal name. This is what I will check when you are picking up your deck at Anthro Con or DenFur.
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I will send payment instructions/invoice to the email listed above. You will be invoiced within 48 hours.
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