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Please fill in the brief form below if you are interested in joining our private Strong Support Facebook group. There is a separate group for men and women.
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Facebook Group Rules (taken from Brother's Road conduct)
1) To maintain strict confidentiality of what is shared here and the identities of the group members.

2) To be polite and civil.

3) To offer support and encouragement for addressing same-sex lust in affirming ways that align with an individual’s faith, values, morals and life goals -- and never to seek to undermine an efforts at growth, change and healing.

4) To not post sexually graphic messages or pictures.

5) Never to send erotic, lustful or flirtations messages or pictures to a fellow group members, and never to try to enlist a fellow group member in an erotic encounter.

6) That messages that promote “gay pride” or embracing a gay identity and lifestyle are generally not welcome or appropriate here.

7) Not to express hostility toward those who identify or live as gay, and in fact to show respect for everyone's right to self-determination, including their right to pursue a gay life, if they choose. (In short, no "gay bashing.")

8) That authentic feelings are welcome here. We recognize that men are naturally going to experience frustration, doubt, challenges and struggles on this journey at times, as well as hope, successes, breakthroughs and victories.

9) To not debate religion or theology, nor to speak ill of a religion. (But we’re free to share our own personal thoughts and feelings on spiritual matters, as long as we’re not trying to convert or convince anyone else.)

10) To not discuss or debate political issues, with one exception: We may at times discuss and support efforts to keep sexual orientation change efforts and change therapies legal, accessible and appropriate.

11) To keep our posts at least somewhat relevant to the purpose of the group, without bringing in clearly extraneous outside causes or enterprises.

We will ask someone to move to a different group who shows that he is unable or unwilling to abide by these agreements.
Your information is confidential and will not be shared to third parties without your consent. *
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