The Marriage Myth Survey
I have a few questions for you...

For some questions there may be several answers that apply - just pick the one that feels the strongest to you - without overthinking it. Go with your first instinct.


There are two options you can take with this survey, because I realize the questions are deeply personal and private.

1. You can share your name and email. Know that what you say here never goes any further. This is confidential, private, and will not be discussed by me.

2. You can fill out this survey anonymously – I can’t put your name in the drawing, but that’s ok for me, if it’s okay with you.

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1. What do you struggle most with in your marriage?
2. What do YOU believe needs to happen to make it better?
3. If you knew for certain that he would never change, but that you could – and it might save your marriage, you would:
If you have already decided you want a divorce, skip question 4 and go to number 5. If you want to stay married, answer question 4, then skip to question 6.
4. You know that you love your husband. You know there are problems, but you have released the anger and the blame, you just want to take the next step to reconnect. You are:
5. You know there is no way to make your marriage work – you just:
6. What do you need to take the next step – stay married or get divorced –
7. If you had to rate your level of unhappiness what would it be:
8. How ready are you to commit to yourself?
9. What terrible little gremlins would keep you from doing something?
10. Looking back, why you think you married him?
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