BA 311 Project Survey
We are gathering information to help improve the process for adding/dropping classes in the Registrar's Office. Some potential solutions are outlined below. Let us know what you think!
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Solution #1
An exclusively online platform. This would involve a process similar to Course Finder. When a student wishes to add/drop a class they input the information related to the class and their advisor's email. A confirmation would get sent out to the advisor, and the student. Once confirmed by all parties, the class is added/dropped from the student's schedule. A confirmation from the professor teaching the course in question would only be required if the student is adding the class. A similar process would be involved if a student is attempting to switch sections. Here, confirmations would only be required from the professor and the student.
Solution #2
A reduced signature requirement. In this case signatures would only be required if the student is attempting to add/drop a class that could affect graduation requirements for that student. Signatures would not be required to switch sections unless the desired section is currently full.
Solution #3
The current system. In this case, nothing would change. The current system that's in place would continue operating.
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