JAZZ ROOT (125€)
3 hours of Authentic Jazz classes (thematic jazz roots)
1 hour of musicality class with the Shirt Tail Stompers
Taster classes
3 parties (2 of them with live music by Shirt Tail Stompers)
There will be a couple of competitions during the main parties.
You will be able to sign up for a competition via an online form. Stay tuned!

The Jazz Roots track is our experiment: you will choose the lessons that you prefer!
Each teacher will offer you a different theme and so you will be able to create your dance plan.

There will be 3 different levels:
OPEN (You know the basic jazz steps and shim sham)

INTERMEDIATE (You know the basic jazz steps, shim sham and maybe tranky doo and big apple. You can improvise to jazz music)

ADVANCED (You know the basic jazz steps (and some variations) and the original routines (shim sham, tranky doo, big apple). You have taken some weekly jazz dance classes (at least for a few months) and you can easily improvise to jazz music)
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