SJASSC 2017-18 Season Club Registration
Welcome to The Saint John Amateur Speed Skating Club. Register here using our online registration for the upcoming 2017-1 season of Learn to Skate and Speed Skating lessons.

Please see for full information on the group levels, mandatory and suggested equipment, skating schedule, schedule changes, upcoming meets, helpful links about our sport and a full calendar. Follow "Saint John Amateur Speed Skating Club" on Facebook for updates as well.

* NOTE ABOUT SCHEDULE BELOW - In the event that times and days indicated here are changed during the season, it will be noted on the website.

START DATE FOR Groups 1 & 2 IS OCTOBER 10th 2017. Groups 3, 4 & 5 start October 14th.

Group 5 Learn to Skate: Beginner - Age 3 (as of June 30, 2017) and up
Registration Fee $250
Saturday 12:15-12:45 pm
Sunday 3:45-4:15 pm

Group 4 Learn to Skate: Skills Improvement
Registration Fee $325
Saturday 11:30 am-12:15
Sunday 4:15-5:00 pm

Group 3 Introduction to Speed Skating
Registration Fee $350 + Fundraising Fee $125
Saturday 10:30-11:30 am
Sunday 5:00-6:00 pm

Group 2 Intermediate Speed Skating
Registration Fee $450 + Fundraising Fee $150
Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm
Saturday 9:15-10:15 am

Group 1 Advanced Competitive Speed Skating
Registration Fee $600 + Fundraising Fee $200
Tuesday & Thursday 6:45-8:15 pm
Saturday 7:30-9:00 am

There is a discount for more than one skater in one family. The higher group child pays full fee and others will get a discount according to their group.
Group 4 & 5 - $10 off second child/siblings
Group 1,2,3 - $20 off second child/siblings

There is a $125 fundraising fee for each Group 3 skater, $150 fundraising fee for each Group 2 skater, $200 Fundraising fee for each Group 1 skater. A post dated cheque for February 28th, 2018 is collected at registration. Skaters may participate in as many of the Fundraising events as they want to earn back their money. Most will be done between Oct-Dec; details will be on the website and in e-mails. If you fundraise over your fundraising fee then the excess amount will go to SJASSC. If you prefer to not participate in fundraising activities, the fundraising cheque will be cashed .

Registration fees may be paid in full at registration, or with two equal payments; one due at registration, and the other a post dated cheque for Nov. 15. Make cheques out to "SJASSC". Payments must be made before first ice time. Cheques may be given in-person at registration or payments given by e-transfer.


REFUND POLICY: See the website or email club for details.

Please look at the equipment list and photos on our website under "Registration" to make sure your child has all the necessary equipment for their safety.

Group 4-5 LEARN TO SKATE: Skates (any type, with sharpened blades), Helmet (skating, hockey or bike), Neck guard (bib-style), Knee pads (soft-volleyball style), Soccer shin guards to cover front of shin (not the ankle), Padded gloves or mittens no fleece or knitted gloves/mittens. Splash pants or snow suits. Optional: eye protection (available from club), elbow pads.

Group 3 INTRODUCTION TO SPEED SKATING: All skaters will be on speed skates.
Group 3 equipment : speed skates and appropriate guards (rented before season starts), helmet (can start with other helmets, but will need speed skating helmet for competitions), neck guard (bib style), safety glasses with strap, knee pads (soft), shin guards (hard soccer; shin only, not ankle), cut resistant gloves, kevlar ankle guards, skinsuit or athletic clothing, cut resistant undersuit ( can be rented from club).

Group 1-2 SPEED SKATING: speed skates (your own or rented), soft and hard blade guards, skating helmet, neck guard (bib style), safety glasses with strap, knee pads (separate or built in), hard shin guards, kevlar ankle guards, cut resistant gloves, skinsuit, cut resistant undersuit.

-Most basic equipment such as skates for gr. 4-5-volleyball knee pads, bib style neck guards, shin guards, helmets and gloves can be purchased at sport stores, Walmart, Canadian tire, etc.
-In the upstairs office we have more specialized equipment for sale including ankle guards, eye protection, speed skating helmets, skating gloves, basic skinsuits and some used equipment. There is a limited number of cut-resistant undersuits for rent.
-Eye protection must be clear or amber shatterproof polycarbonate, ANSI Z87.1, with strap. (Oakleys, Black knight Raquetball or safety glasses.) We have nice fitting safety glasses available for $10.

RENTAL SPEED SKATES are available (group 3,2,1). Rental fee is $130 for a pair of boots and blades + $200 damage deposit cheque post dated March 15th 2018, or $75 boots only + $100 damage deposit cheque post dated March 15th 2018 , $75 blades only + $100 damage deposit cheque post dated March 15th 2018. Skates will be tried on and rented PRIOR to the first day of skating.
CUT RESISTANT UNDERSUITS- Rental fee of $80 + $105 damage deposit cheque post dated March 15th 2018.

NOTE: ***Buying/Renting Equipment from the Club- Rental Date - Saturday, September 30th at 9-11am at the Charles Gorman Arena

*NOTE-CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE ICE WITHOUT ALL SAFETY EQUIPMENT FOR THEIR LEVEL OR THEIR PAYMENTS. (If you forget a piece of equipment, check to see if we have a loaner)

Parents/Guardians are expected to be in the arena and be responsible for the behavior of their children while they are at practice and during competitions. Skaters and Parents are expected to treat coaches, officials, volunteers and other skaters with respect, both on and off the ice. Coaches are expected to treat skaters, officials and volunteers with respect, both on and off the ice.

Please press "submit form" to send this form when completed. You will receive a confirmation message when your form is received.

Club Contact e-mail:

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Skating Group Level
Check the applicable boxes. Multiple Sibling Registration Fees can be paid with the same cheque (to SJASSC). Any skate, boots, blade and undersuit rentals must be paid separately from the registration fee. The damage deposit fees for rentals is also a separate cheque. All damage deposit cheques must be post dated to March 15th, 2018. All fundraising fee cheques must be post-dated to February 28th, 2018. For Family discounts see previous page
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Family Doctor
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As a result of the new ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION which came into effect as of July 2014, we require your consent to be legally able to send you communication concerning Club events. Please indicate below Your consent or refusal.
Siblings registration-If registering more than one skater, please list children's Names and Groups below and THEN FILL OUT A COMPLETE REGISTRATION FORM FOR EACH.
Siblings-First & Last Names and Skating Group
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FUNDRAISING-Willing to participate? Groups 1-3 only
-funds raised will count as credits against the fundraising cheque given at registration
The skater is:
Permission for use of photos or video.
Photos and/or video will be taken during the season. These will be used for training purposes. Photos and video may also be used for publicity in media, website, facebook etc. YES, it is okay to use photos and video for publicity. NO, do not use photos and video for publicity.
Skate and Boot Rentals Needed?
Children using speed skates can rent boots and blades from the Club. Please indicate size needed. (This is mostly for group 2-3, or group 4 if suggested by the coach. Gp 1's typically own their skates, but may also rent)
Boot size required ?
shoe size they currently wear
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We would love to have you join us in making this club a success. No experience needed!
Please Identify your Family Volunteer
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In consideration of you accepting this registration, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees, waive any and all rights and release any claims for damages I may have against the Saint John Amateur Speed Skating Club, its agents, officers or members, for any and all injuries suffered by me or my child during this skating program. In my absence, I hereby authorize the coach or speed skate official to secure medical advice and/or services, as may be deemed necessary for the health and safety of myself or my son or daughter.
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How did you find out about us?
Speed Skate Canada Registration. It is necessary for our club to register all club skaters with Speed Skate Canada for club insurance purposes.
We will do this for Group 4 and Group 5 skaters ONLY Groups 1,2,3 skaters will have to do their own SSC online registration once the season starts.
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