Steam Next Festival June 2021 Results
Hi my name is Chris Zukowski I am a blogger and consultant who studies the Steam Store. Thank you so much for considering sharing your data. I will keep the information you give me private and only share what you consent to (see question #2 below). This information will be used on a blog that will appear on and my personal blog I am using this data to help indie developers have a better understanding of how successful their marketing efforts were. I am collecting your email address ONLY so I can contact you if I have any additional questions.

If you want to read past blogs see them here:

if you have any concerns or questions, reach out to me on twitter @adventuremtn.

If you worried about sharing this data because it is under NDA with Valve, they updated their terms of service allowing sharing of Wishlist / sales numbers. Read it here:

They wrote "We’ve also made a change to the agreement regarding confidentiality of your sales data. We frequently get questions from partners who want to talk with other developers third parties or publicly about the sales of their games on Steam. We've heard you, and we're updating the confidentiality provisions to make it clear that the partner can share sales data about their game as they see fit."
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Was your game demo part of the Steam Festival in June 2021?
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Would you be willing to let me specifically call out your game's name and data? For instance, in my blog I might say "The game <your game's name> achieved 700 wishlists over the steam festival." If you say no I will only share your game's data aggregated with everyone else's data in the form of graphs or charts.
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Link to the game's Steam page:
When did you make your coming soon Steam page public?
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Was your demo featured in Trending Upcoming or Most Downloaded demo?
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Did you do a scheduled livestream (you were allowed to pick 2)? Please check when you schedule your stream.
Did you stream outside of the scheduled livestream? If so on what days?
What genre sections did your game appear in (you can appear in multiple)
Did your game appear in any of the genre highlight reels? For example:
If you did get featured, why do you think Steam picked you? Did they reach out to you before the festival?
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