EARLI 2015 Feedback Questionnaire
We hope that you are having an inspiring EARLI 2015 conference! As conference organisers, we would like to know if you were satisfied with the organisation of EARLI 2015. Please share your opinion with us by filling out this questionnaire.

We appreciate the time (about 10 minutes) you spend filling out this online questionnaire, as your evaluation and constructive comments will allow us to further improve the overall conference experience of our members and delegates. Great positive feedback is warmly welcomed.

Thanks in advance and warm regards,

Eleni Kyza & Iolie Nicolaidou for the local conference organisers.

Please rate each of the following aspects:
a) pre-conference organisation
b) conference organization
c) scientific conference program
d) your overall comments (if any)
e) conference app (if you used it)

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