CCD75 Summer Rising Survey
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Borough of school your child attends if different than the borough where you live:
Were you informed of summer rising portal opening prior to the morning it opened(April 25)? *
Did you attempt to enroll any of your children in the summer rising program Via portal? *
If yes, were you able to enroll them into a program successfully? *
If no, please explain:
Did you find the portal to have enough seat options listed for your child in their school or program site? and/or community? *
Does your child have ESY(12 month) IEP?
Were you given any official information yet on where your child would be receiving summer services?
Were you given any information on if your child would be able to participate in summer rising in addition to ESY?
How helpful was the Summer Rising portal? *
Please add any additional concerns or comments you have regarding summer rising programming or ESY:
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