San Gabriel Valley Youth Summit 2020
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First 50 youth to register will receive a mailed copy of the book, “I Got This: New and expanded edition: To Gold and Beyond” by Laurie Hernandez.
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Descriptions of each workshop.
Power of You(th)
This workshop aims to teach youth why 21 is the minimum drinking age and empower them to be positive role models for their peers and family.

Mask Identity and Spoken Word
Opportunity for youth to create their own mask and identify the aspects of their identities that they want to present to others. Youth will be able to create their own spoken word from the mask identity.

Everyone Counts!
Importance of what the Census is, how it impacts us, and how to take it.

Building Youth Capacity Against Big Tobacco
This workshop will highlight the impact the Tobacco and Vaping Industry has on youth. Through this workshop youth will learn about the negative health impacts from tobacco and nicotine use. Youth will also learn about community advocacy. Youth and will be given an opportunity to participate in tobacco prevention in their local communities; such as Advocates Invested in Restoring the Environment (AIRE).

Masters of Disaster
Come join the American Red Cross Youth Leaders to learn how to prepare, plan, and react appropriately to an emergency. Then test your knowledge with a fun jeopardy game to see if you are prepared!

Cough Syrup or More? Opiods and the San Gabriel Valley
Opioid addiction and overdoses are sweeping California. The San Gabriel Valley has not yet been impacted by this epidemic - this workshop seeks to provide an overview of risk factors and protective factors that can ensure young people make healthier choices. Treatment options, including Medication Assisted Treatment, will be covered.

Look Great, Be Strong, Be Fast
Dr. John Tanner suffered near-fatal cardiac arrest ten years ago. Since then, he has intensely researched the causes of heart disease, and found surprising results relating our food choices to disease and death. Learn many surprising benefits of changing the way we approach our diets.

Your Network is Your Net Worth
"It's not what you know, its WHO you know." This statement reigns evermore true in a world where interconnectivity is possible through so many different platforms. This workshop will discuss the value of expanding your network, and explore ways to optimize your online presence and in-person meetings.

Alcohol 101
Alcohol 101 covers a range of topics from the #1 drug of choice for teens, the harmful affects alcohol can have on the developing body, ways to avoid peer pressure, and laws in place that protect minors.

Eat well, Get Active, Stress Less: How to #FEELGOOD
Join Day One and find out the secrets to #FEELGOOD. Learn about healthy eating, healthy ways to deal with stress and fun ways to exercise!

Destress with Urban Dance
Join Psypher to learn how to listen to the different ways that your body responds to stress, and we’ll lead some fun and easy dance exercises to help you find ways to cope!

Creating Social Value as a Kid
COVID-19 has left certain groups disproportionately devoid of basic necessities. Learn from the diligent, activated group of young leaders who decided to make a difference in their communities by creating a valuable system for at-risk individuals to rely on in times of need, delivering groceries and other supplies, at their request.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention
Join us for an afternoon of empowerment and awareness. As suicide continues to affect our communities, reducing the shame and stigma surrounding mental health has become a necessity. Through conversation and engagement, this training will provide a better understanding of potential suicide risk factors, as well as resources and examples of how we can make a difference and support those around us who may be struggling.

How to Get Back Up After You Fall
I will be teaching my formula on how to teach others on how to get back up after a life challenge. I have a podcast and interview guests and we talk about how we get back up with grace, ease and flow.

Basic First Aid
Be prepared for any emergency and come get trained in basic first aid with the American Red Cross Volunteer Youth instructors. Whether you are learning for the first time or just need a refresher, this course will prepare you for any situation!

International Humanitarian Law Rights
Have you played Call of Duty, heard about World War II or the Holocaust, and asked yourself how can that happen? Learn about your International Humanitarian Law Rights and the limitations that tell a country how and when they can legally fight against another country or non-state group. Don't let history repeat itself!
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