SYM Speaker Request
This form collects the information we need to evaluate and schedule speaking events. We are delighted to share the ministry with you if we can. Sometimes this is challenging if your group times overlap with ministry times (listed at However, we do ask for a minimum of 15 people and 30 minutes for adults and youth or 10 minutes for elementary students. We do not charge, but we do accept in-kind donations, honoria and free will offerings, 100% of which go to support the ministry.
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First *
Please give us the contact information for the person we'll work with to setup the event. If we need additional contacts, please provide those as additional information on our last question.
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email *
phone *
Group Name *
Church or Agency Name *
web site *
Please write none if no web site
Typical Size of Group *
We respectfully ask that you have a group of 20 or larger. If not 20, then we invite you to combine with other groups.
Age Range of Participants *
Choose all that are typically present
Goal *
Please describe the event as you envision it, including what else will be talked about (topics, scriptures, etc.), what the event's purpose is, and what you hope people walk away understanding. If you want us to cover specific things, list them.
Date(s) *
List the best dates, in order of preference (best to least preference). Note that we cannot normally support presentations during our weekly ministry events. Please see for a list of days and times that will probably not be possible.
Meeting Place *
Tell us where exactly Terry should go to meet your group and where you recommend parking.
Start Time *
Tell us where exactly when Terry will be able to start presenting (the end of your announcements, intro, etc.)
Next Thing Time *
Tell us where the next things needs to start (prayer time, next part of program, etc.) so Terry can pace the presentation.
Style *
List the presentation styles your group is comfortable with or looking for
Brochures and email *
May we have permission to pass out brochures of the ministry and respectfully ask that those present provide us with name and optional email for our newsletters?
Follow-up feedback *
We ask that you distribute a short survey by email for feedback to improve our presentations. Please supply the email address of one or two people who will distribute the survey link and remind the group once or twice. Our goal is to acheive a 50% response rate. You may print and distribute the feedback form for members who don't  email.
Volunteers *
May we mention our current needs for volunteers and respectfully invite them into service?
Financial *
May we respectfully mention that we are supported by donations and that we can provide additional information upon request.
Microphone *
Will you be providing a microphone?
Computer Projection *
Will you be providing a computer projection ability? (PowerPoint or PDF)
Video Capability *
Will you be providing a computer video capability? This includes audio.
Service *
Might your group like to do something on the day of the presentation to be of service to those we serve? Check those that interest you.
Referral *
How did you hear about us? Did someone specific refer you to us?
Other Information
Please let us know other information that will help us to evaluate and schedule your group.
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