Questionnaire About Safety
Choose the one that is right for you.
1. Do you feel safe in your school?
2. Do you know what to do when you witness violence or crime?
3. Do you know what to do during a terrorist attack?
4. Do you know any emergency numbers?
5. Do you know how to use the fitness equipment safely in school?
6. What do you use the internet for?
7. Have you ever heard about cyberbullying?
8. How often do you chat with strangers online?
9. What do you do when you get a friendship request on Facebook by someone that you don’t know?
10. How often do you wear your helmet, while riding a bike?
11. How often do you wear your seat belt in the car or on the school bus?
12. Which is the safest way of transportation?
13. In which way do you use the stairs in your house or in your school?
14. When using a zebra crossing with no traffic lights, what should we do?
15. What do you do when you need to cross the street?
16. What do you do in the case that an unknown person asks you to go for a ride in his/her car?
17. What actions should we take in the event of an earthquake?
18. What should we do if there is a fire caused by a short circuit?
19. When you are on the street and a stranger offers you gifts what should you do?
20. How do you react if someone unknown tries to approach you in the street?
21. At home, alone, when someone knocks on the door, what should we do?
22. What do you do when there is a fire in your house?
23. What do you do in the case that someone of your friends or an unknown person offers you to drink (alcohol or drugs)?
24. What do you do if a clasmate treats you badly, makes fun of you or beats you?
25. What is your gender? *
26. What age range you are in? *
27. Where are you from? *
28. What is your job? *
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